View pictures to see samples of how the patient section of StrawBerry works.

"Greet" your patient

Patient Profiling-Many times, in conversations our patients share personal information about their personal and family lives with us as Dental Hygienists. They show us who they really are by the way they trust and respond to us.

Now you will have the personal profile all in one place. What an easy access to know with one click! To know where you last left off in conversation. In addition, to keep track of what really is important to them too!

"Seat" your patient

With your patient seated in your chair, you may now begin to ask questions, and collect necessary dental and medical information of body and mouth terrain, which will help you to correlate wellness findings in getting to "root cause" of their wellness health issues. Once you do this you will have a "Wellness Score" for each patient of your patients.

Treat your Patient

Now it is time to render treatment to your patient. You have surmised your patient's condition and now have appropriately scheduled their customized wellness visit needs. With a "Wellness Treatment Plan" in place you begin to deliver customized care!

"Exit your patient"

Your patient's wellness findings are sent home with each patient in the form of a "Super Bill". This is a customized wellness treatment plan for each of your patients specific needs. Your patients also go home with copy of their dental chart bleeding score. This information upon exiting your patients is a great motivator for compliance. If you are not a dental practitioner you will be able to request a copy of your patients dental records that will contain this information.