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As the nation government requests all health care institutions must be paperless by 2013, we here at SaluDent International, Inc. addressed this need. We are the proud developers of StrawBerry the "Oral Systemic Health Assessment ‘digital’ Dental Clearance Report” for the referring Medical and Chiropractor Doctors.

Mouth and Body whole health is the next area of health care needing digital record attention! Many times Dental practitioners see unhealthy mouths that to no fault of the dental patient's lack of flossing is due to an unhealthy body! As your Dental Hygienist may be quick to point out your lack of flossing or brushing technique, we now know that your gums may infect your heart.

As one such Periodontist from a California city presented on a topic years before the main stream health care practitioners knew the answer to this question "Can Gum Disease Kill You?

Unless the Dental and Medical practitioners communicate, the average patient will experience information disconnect between the head and the rest of the body. StrawBerry was developed to meet not only the record taking needs of mouth and body connection, but the communication between MDs, DDS, DCs and RDHs! With an integrative approach to collecting health records using StrawBerry this would not be able to take place as easily. How wonderful to have a "Wellness Team" of health care practitioners which communicate with each other to correlate mouth and body findings. The Dental Hygienist is one of the main persons as a "Systemic Hygiene Consultant". Why? Because, to date there are 300 million Dental Hygiene visits in the US alone. The Dental Hygienist is on the front line. The Dental Hygienist is the first one to notice such abnormal health conditions at typical Hygiene cleaning appointments. The reason being is that he/she has the ongoing relationship with their patient's health and sees it first. And who better to make sure you have a “SafeKiss”?

StrawBerry Triva

And "Why" the name StrawBerry? The native American Indians used strawberries to whiten their teeth, and research has shown strawberries to be one of the most highly anti-oxidant fruits we can consume!

It is our hope and dream to implement StrawBerry in every Integrative Health office world wide!

Yours in Integrative Health,
Victoria DaCosta, RDH, SHC

Victoria DaCosta, RDH, SHC
Systemic Hygiene Consultant